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- Golf
- Motor Racing
- Cricket Grounds
- Football Stadiums
- Castles & Manor Houses
- Museum Venues
- Client Perks
- Customer Loyalty Programs
- Premier Foods
- Newbury
- Swindon
- www.laterooms.com
- www.xe.com (currency exchange rates)
- Eurostar
- Ferry Services
- Consular Services

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Elizadora appreciates clients who regularly book their meeting and conference venues using our service. As a token of our appreciation Elizadora offers loyalty schemes tailored to the needs of persons and organisations that choose to use us on a repeat basis.


Typically our loyalty programs are cash vouchers for high street retailers that are awarded to booking staff in appreciation for repeat business. For larger companies where staff or departments are not allowed to accept such vouchers we offer our own Bonus Vouchers that are redeemable towards the actual cost of venue hire. We will be glad to discuss the programs and what they mean to you when you book your first venue through Elizadora.